Sandhyarani Das

by admin | Sep 03, 2019 |

of Bhatibari, Alipurduar is involved in this craft for 14 years. She has her expertise in making Kadom but loves to experiment and innovate new products in her own for contemporizing the craft. Contact: ...

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Priyanka Roy

by admin | Jul 15, 2019 |

Priyanka Roy of Bhatibari, Alipurduar has a keen interest in Shola craft from a very young age. She is the youngest working artist of Alipurduar. She uses her traditional skill of Shola craft making for creating innovative products. Contact: ...

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Madhusudan Das

by admin | Jul 08, 2019 |

Madhusudan has learnt the art of Shola from his father. He is doing it for the past 35 years. He is the oldest artist of the Bhatibari village of Alipurduar. All the members of his family practice the craft. Contact: ...

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